Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1 of 10 Tips to Study Smart and Save Time

Building an Understanding

Learning is a process similar to building a house. You aren’t fed the complete picture.
Limitations on communication prevent the instantaneous transmission of knowledge.
Instead you listen to lectures, read textbooks and take painstaking notes to try and comprehend a subject. You are fed building supplies, bricks, mortar and glass. It is up to you to assemble
the building. Unfortunately, most learning strategies fall into two basic types :

(i) Memorization – Instead of building anything you simply stare at each brick
for several minutes trying to record its position.
(ii) Formulas – This is the equivalent to being blind, fumbling around a new house.
You can’t see the building itself but you learn to come up with simple rules to
avoid walking into walls.

There is nothing particularly wrong with either of these strategies, assuming
they aren’t your entire strategy. The human brain isn’t a computer so it can’t
memorize infinite sums of knowledge without some form of structure.
And formulas no longer work if the questions they are designed to solve change scope.

p/s : I got this from Seminar Skor A .
So take a note for your motivation ^^v


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